Asset Protection

Our special expertise at AdvisorLaw is in structuring the ownership of your assets to make it difficult, or even impossible, for others to take them away. Creditors, plaintiffs, unhappy business partners, and state and federal agencies can all threaten those assets. Our asset protection planning can reduce or even eliminate those threats long before they appear. Clients tell us that the peace of mind that asset protection brings is priceless.

Asset protection is not for the unwary. To protect your life’s savings and the future of your family, you need trusted asset protection lawyers who know offshore asset protection rules.

To avoid civil and criminal penalties and prosecution that will result if the IRS finds you before you find us to provide assistance, call AdvisorLaw. We can handle all of your asset protection and wealth preservation matters, including assistance in voluntary disclosures and the creation of tax-compliant family limited partnerships and offshore trusts.

Why Do You Need Wealth Protection?

  • You are faced with a lawsuit.
  • You are in a high-risk business.
  • You have been in an accident.
  • You are getting divorced.
  • You are being pursued or investigated by a federal or state agency.
  • You owe money to a lender.
  • You have to decide whether your peace of mind is worth the cost.

Asset protection may be the best thing you do this year for your family. Unfortunately, trusted asset protection attorneys are hard to find, which is why we strive to be not only as ethical as possible but also the most knowledgeable. Do your research and choose a trusted and qualified asset protection attorney for peace of mind.

Beware Internet Scams and Gimmicks

Gullible investors will continue to be fooled by Internet advertisements suggesting that, for those seeking to hide their money, a certain jurisdiction is a place to go because of some exotic asset protection scheme or device. Unfortunately, those Internet promoters are simply offering their own get-rich-quick schemes at your expense. Speak with a qualified asset protection attorney before you lose your money and incur IRS penalties for attempting to hide your assets.

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