Why do I need a business lawyer?

Although there are many aspects of a business that an owner can handle independently, an experienced business lawyer can help prevent common issues that arise. Business law covers a wide array of issues including business formation, mergers and acquisitions, business transactions, and business planning, and our lawyers are competent in approaching these issues in the context of a variety of business types.

Many small business owners only hire a business attorney when they face a serious and potentially costly legal issue. Being proactive and seeking legal counsel ahead of time can prevent many legal issues from arising. A skilled business lawyer can put your mind at ease so you can focus on running your business.

What is virtual in-house counsel?

In the past, the only options available to small businesses were to hire an expensive full-time in-house counsel or an outside legal professional to assist them with their legal matters. In reality, neither of these options are sufficient. Full-time in-house counsel can be prohibitively expensive, and outside counsel lacks the knowledge and understanding of your business to help you develop a strong business strategy.

For small businesses or recent startups, it is nearly impossible to gauge how frequently you will require in-house counsel services. Virtual in-house counsel makes sense for many of these businesses. AdvisorLaw’s fees are significantly lower than comparable outside counsel fees. Because every business is unique, we create individualized billing structures that protect you against unexpectedly high legal bills or cumbersome hourly billing requirements.

When do I need asset protection?

Asset protection involves protecting your assets from liabilities that may arise. An experienced attorney can help you to discuss your options and the risks and benefits provided by different asset protection strategies.

There are several situations that may cause you to consider asset protection:

  • You are being sued.
  • You have been involved in an accident.
  • You are getting divorced.
  • You are in debt.
  • You are involved in a high-risk business.
  • You are being investigated by a government agency.

There are many strategies available to protect your assets, such as trusts or offshore accounts. However, improperly moving your assets also poses risks. The federal government and the IRS have many restrictions on how assets can be placed and what constitutes taxable income. If you have concerns about protecting your assets, contact an asset protection attorney to discuss your options.

What does an e-commerce attorney do?

Recent advances in Internet technology have caused many business experiences to become largely electronic. Although technology has simplified many transactions, it has also created a host of complexities and legal questions. As a result, the legal environment surrounding the Internet, security, and electronic communication changes rapidly. It is vital for businesses to adopt proactive business practices to ensure that potential issues are detected and addressed.

An e-commerce attorney provides high-quality legal services to companies that conduct their business electronically and can assist your business with online security, data protection, contract disputes, and other matters pertaining to e-commerce and Internet issues.

I am an entrepreneur in the process of starting a business. Which business structure is right for me?

When you are in the process of starting a business, you need to protect yourself and your assets. One common way to protect yourself is to establish a separate business identity to limit your personal liability. There are several types of business structures that offer varying degrees of protection, depending on your business needs and risks. These include:

  • Sole proprietor
  • Partnership
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Limited partnership
  • Professional limited liability company

The distinctions between these entities can be confusing. Although many entrepreneurs do not fully appreciate the risks that they may face in the future, an experienced business attorney can help answer your questions, discuss the best business structure for your long-term goals, and assist you in filing the proper paperwork to establish your business.

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