Partnership With German Firm Establishes International Presence

AdvisorLaw PLLC announces its new partnership with German law firm Rechtsanwälte im Hindenburghaus, led by Dr. Oliver Wendt. Through this collaboration, AdvisorLaw will offer clients doing business in Europe an extension of the customized legal services they already receive.

Founded over 30 years ago in Hamburg, Germany, Dr. Wendt’s firm offers legal expertise in a variety of fields, including employment law, corporate law, international private and commercial law, media law and contract law. AdvisorLaw’s clients with business interests abroad will now be able to hire lawyers with confidence, knowing that AdvisorLaw stands behind these attorneys’ credibility, integrity, and local knowledge of the law. The synergy between the two firms will allow them to operate seamlessly as they offer clients high-quality representation in the European Union.

“We are proud to partner with Dr. Wendt and his firm to deliver legal solutions that are thoroughly informed of the law on both sides of the Atlantic,” said James D’Loughy, Esq., founder of AdvisorLaw. “This collaboration will enable AdvisorLaw to build on its international business strategies by combining our years of experience in asset protection and other services with on-the-ground knowledge of European legal standards.”

For over 15 years, AdvisorLaw has provided exceptional legal services to clients of all sizes. Serving as the virtual in-house counsel for individuals and businesses alike, including restaurants, gas stations, software developers, e-commerce, and startups, AdvisorLaw draws on the combined knowledge of its associates to offer tailored solutions in asset protection, technology, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, international business ventures, and more.

For more information, contact James D’Loughy at or (561) 622-7788.

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