Be Defined By the
Counsel You Keep.

In-House Counsel Services

As a decision-maker at a small to mid-sized company, you understand that your legal strategy must comprise a fundamental pillar of your business strategy, but where do you turn for the expertise in developing and executing this strategy? Until now there have been only two choices: outside counsel or hiring of a full-time in-house attorney.

Experienced outside counsel is expensive. But even if you do not care about the cost, outside counsel generally lacks the specific expertise required to develop your business strategy. To obtain this expertise, you could hire full-time in-house counsel to work with your organization, but this would likely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in employee salaries. In all likelihood, neither outside nor in-house counsel is appropriate for your organization.

AdvisorLaw offers a new option to business decision-makers who are unsatisfied with the status quo for how legal services are provided. Borrowing from the business model of fractional share jet or property ownership, AdvisorLaw has developed part-time, strategic in-house counsel services to provide your organization with the same quality of in-house business advice enjoyed by corporations that maintain full-time in-house staff.

The hourly fee rates for AdvisorLaw attorneys are significantly lower than average outside counsel fees for legal professionals with comparable experience levels. We are passionate about identifying billing relationships that make sense for our clients and allow us to be deeply involved in our clients’ business. Although we can provide services on an hourly basis for about half of the comparable rate of experienced lawyers practicing at large firms, many of our clients prefer to use creative billing structures that free them (and us) from the pressures of hourly billing and unexpectedly high legal bills.