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Partnership With German Firm Establishes International Presence

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AdvisorLaw PLLC announces its new partnership with German law firm Rechtsanwälte im Hindenburghaus, led by Dr. Oliver Wendt. Through this collaboration, AdvisorLaw will offer clients doing business in Europe an extension of the customized legal services they already receive.

Founded over 30 years ago in Hamburg, Germany, Dr. Wendt’s firm offers legal expertise in a variety of fields, including employment law, corporate law, international private and commercial law, media law and contract law. … READ MORE

Others See Law as Entertainment; We See Our Clients All the Same

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Celebrities and political scandals may nab most news headlines, but it seems even the modest world of trademark law is entitled to its 15 minutes of fame.

Last November, in an unusual detour from business as usual, an AdvisorLaw client found its trademark registration temporarily denied due to a linguistic and cultural misunderstanding. The name of the client’s restaurant, Fuku, which is a Japanese word meaning good fortune, wealth, and prosperity, was rejected for sounding … READ MORE