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Web, Internet, E-commerce Law

AdvisorLaw provides a full range of high-quality legal services to hi-tech companies and other companies engaged in doing business electronically. We focus on addressing the domestic and international legal and business issues that continue to arise as rapid changes take place in the areas of the Internet, e-commerce, and technology. The complexities of doing business electronically raise a host of legal questions that are further complicated by the continued globalization of world economies.

While the Internet has developed into an efficient and ever-expanding means of doing business, companies must proceed with caution. The global nature of the Internet and the continued deregulation of the telecommunications sector have created a complicated and shifting legal environment that affects the markets that our clients are entering. For this reason, AdvisorLaw is proactive in its approach and works with clients to adopt the necessary business practices to ensure that potential problems are detected and cured early.

AdvisorLaw offers a full range of legal advice on e-commerce and Internet issues including:

  • Establishing a presence on the Internet
  • Electronic money
  • Domain name disputes
  • Data protection
  • Confidentiality and security issues
  • Intellectual property
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Litigation
  • Linking agreements
  • Contracting over the Internet
  • Taxation
  • Encryption and electronic signature